Kartwasher Premier FAQ

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Why when I load the cart and press Start (or F1) nothing happens?

Check the E-stop in the wash chamber for a short, verify the door sensors are activating (LED lights located at sensor locations) and then make sure the electric eye in the mechanical room (if equipped) senses the cart.

Why when the soil side door is closing the machine goes into a jam fault?

If either door takes longer than 5 seconds to close/open, the logic thinks the door has jammed. Check the wheel travel and lubricate or adjust air pressure to allow for faster travel. Inspect the cylinder for a damaged shaft. Make sure the door is shutting all the way, and that the door sensor LEDs are lit.

How come nothing happens after the soiled side door closes?

Make sure the door sensors LEDs light up. Verify at the panel that the input on the PLC for the soiled door closed sensor is illuminated.

Why doesn’t the cart eject when the clean side door opens?

Check that the wheel stop pin has cleared the floor track and ensure that the wheel guides have not become loose from the floor.