Airfree OPL Series FAQ

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Does the Airfree collect the same amount of lint?

Yes, the same screen is used in all of our dry filters.

How does the screen clean the lint off?

The filter screen is like a parachute. When the dryers are running it is vertically inverted into the filter top section. When the dryers are off, it collapses downward shedding the lint and allowing it to collect in the storage vessel located at the bottom of the filter.

How do I get the screen optimally cleaned?

Open the quick release marine type porthole, grasp the filter screen and shake vigorously when desired. Once a quarter, remove the screen and wash it and reinstall in the filter. Run the dryer with no load until fully dry.

Will this filter work when installed with a downstream booster fan?

In order for the lint bag not to be drawn up into the filter it is absolutely essential that the lint storage be a ridged container. The filter must use a flexible connector to join the filter with the storage container. Also the booster fan must be turned off for 1 minute no less than every 2-3 hours.

Will this filter work indoors and outdoors?


If the lint filter is located outdoors or attached to horizontal ductwork can it be ordered with a horizontal discharge?


Can an Airfree lint filter be ordered with fire protection and excess pressure alarms?

Yes, these are options available when ordering the lint filter. They can also be added on at a later date.