Air Washers – Wet Style Lint Collector FAQ

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How is the lint removed from the dryer exhaust?

The Wet Style filter uses a water curtain to filter the lint. The dryer exhaust flows through a water curtain created by a spray manifold. The wet lint flows to a porous collection bag where the water flows out and is captured by a reservoir sump to be recirculated back to the filter. The clean exhaust air is expelled out of the filter by a tubeaxial fan mounted on the filter.

How much power required?

All wet filters have a 2.5 HP pump and a 5-hp-10hp fan. The Airwasher can be ordered as standard with 208-240 or 480 three phase depending on the laundry power. Motor starters are required to operate the pump and fan. Typically FLA (Fully Loaded Amps) will be 50 amps at 240 VAC and 25 amps at 480 VAC.

How is backpressure controlled as dryers turn on and off?

The filters have a standard barometric damper door that opens to allow outside air to balance the airflow as dryers cycle on/off.

Is there a more precise method of balancing the air in lieu of a barometric damper?

Absolutely! Our optional VFD speed control varies the speed of the exhaust fan based upon backpressure. The result is that as dryers cycle on and off, constant optimum backpressure recommended by the dryer manufacturer is maintained.

Why do I have water and lint build-up in my ducting?

The ductwork entering and leaving the lint filter shall have a minimum of 5 degrees of downward slope to allow water mist to flow back into the lint filter. The seams in the duct within 5 feet of the lint filter should be sealed with a waterproof sealer.